Do ID's Not Exist in the Gossip Girl World?

I’m currently watching Gossip Girl for the first time since 2014, and I have so many questions. 

Why does nobody ever get asked for ID in this show? Jenny Humphrey was in a bar drinking cocktails way before her 15th birthday, the age to purchase alcohol in the US is 21. This is the equivalent of her being 11 in the UK drinking world, how insane is that? Not once is the concept of having fake IDs mentioned which is just stupid. I used to beg bouncers to let me into clubs when I was 17, the amount of fake birthdays I had was stupid, and you’re telling me if I magically turned into Blair Waldorf I would’ve been able to waltz in no problem? It’s not just the main characters who are able to do this, every teenager on this show is somehow able to get into bars and order alcohol way before they should be.

The early seasons of the show take place whilst the main cast are still in high school, yet they’re going out every night? Even school nights! They go out for cocktails in the evening then rock up to their 8am maths class and expect to get into Ivy League colleges, it’s a dISGRACE! I spent 2 years never going out on a school night and I got into a mediocre university. Now I’m at uni I almost always go out on weekdays because it’s cheaper, but I hardly believe Serena was sipping martinis on a Tuesday night because they’re on a 2-4-1 offer. 

On a similar topic, why are none of their parents concerned about their children? They don’t see their children for days after their wild nights out and they genuinely don’t seem concerned. If I EVER announced to my parents that I was going out for cocktails on a school night and never return home I would get into so much shit! Even now, as an adult they would murder me. These children wander around the city with NO concern about their grades or their safety! In season 1 of the show the main characters can’t be any older than 16/17, but they’re never home? Also: how do they all get into fancy colleges if they’re out every night? Obviously, they have ties to the schools, but they still have to get decent grades. I would like a FULL explanation of Serena’s daily schedule please.

Despite this show making no sense at points, it’s actually one of  the best teen shows around. Compared to similar shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl is elite in every single way.

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