I Have So Much Respect For JoJo Siwa- and Here's Why!

I am officially on the JoJo Siwa support train. It’s taken a few years, and many late night consideration sessions, but I’m here. 

Recently, JoJo has been posting some pretty amazing TikToks, mainly about self love and learning to ignore all the hate she gets. To do this, she’s been including criticism which she receives and discussing how she moves on from it, and the hate comments are disgusting. Her vulnerability and ability to come out on top is admirable and I have so much respect for the girl. Especially since she has only just turned 17 years old, she is a child who is getting destroyed on the internet by adults.

So, why do people hate on JoJo? I’ve never seen someone get as much ridicule and hate online before, and it bottles down to one thing: she opposes societal norms. JoJo isn’t your ‘typical’ 17-year-old girl, she’s loud, colourful, playful, and loves to be one with her childish side. Modern society is so obsessed with growing up and becoming an adult as soon as possible, so JoJo enjoying and promoting her childhood is a complete juxtaposition to this. 

As a general observation, JoJo’s main critics are adults. This means that grown people are being unbelievably cruel to a child, to me this is disgusting. What causes an adult to make fun of and hate on a child? Insecurity. People are insecure of JoJo’s unapologetic attitude and promotion of self love, so they have to make her feel like shit. Get over yourselves. 

JoJo is ridiculously successful. It’s unbelievable really. Her net worth (as of 2020) is sitting at $12 million, this is mindblowing. In addition to this, she’s sold over 40 million of her bows worldwide. She’s not even an adult yet and she is making that much money. She works for it too, her videos are entertaining, her live performances are always energetic, and she clearly works hard to keep her social media accounts updated. Say what you want about her image and attitude, but JoJo is extremely successful, and she deserves it. Her face is plastered on ANY item out there, you physically can’t go into a shop and not see her face on an item of clothing or accessory. Her bows were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2016-2018, the love for those bows was crazy! Every girl had a JoJo bow on. And she’s making money from them! The girl is a never ending marketing machine and truly gives the Kardashians a run for their money!

Let’s face it, women can’t win when it comes to their age. Girls of a similar age, such as Charlie D’Amelio and Maddie Ziegler, get shit for dressing too provocatively, then JoJo is criticised for dressing too young. This is an issue of sexism and unjustified criticisms of women which goes a lot deeper than JoJo, but she is on the receiving end of it. JoJo may be what the white conservative mother wants their daughter to look up to, but this image excludes anyone over the age of 13 who are looking for a little edginess in their role models. If JoJo pulled a Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ era, her career would flop because the parents of her fans (who buy all of her merchandise and tickets) can’t handle a bit of shoulder, so JoJo is essentially forced to stay as she is. 

Yet, somehow JoJo oozes feminism, she is a powerful woman who presents herself how she wants to despite any criticism she receives. It’s impossible not to stan. Am I her target audience? No. Will I buy any of her merch? No. BUT- I will shut down anyone who insults the poor girl. If you feel the need to critique a literal child to make yourself feel better, please leave x

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