My Mixed Feelings on Halsey

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Halsey is another female pop artist who I have mixed feelings on. I personally loved her first album Badlands, however, I never liked the artist behind the music. This is a classic case of separating the music and the artist. Halsey wants to be the cultural saviour and voice which the world needs, but instead she comes across and whiny and problematic. Therefore, I have a wide range of mixed feelings on the chica.

Some of her songs are good:

On the odd occasion, I can enjoy a Halsey track. Some of her older songs such as Colours, Hold Me Down, and Ghost lowkey slap. As for her new stuff, I couldn’t care less, but the mentioned singles make it difficult for me to look past Halsey as not that bad of an artist.

Her vocals are god awful:

I hate the indie/Tumblr girl vocal which Halsey was able to base her entire career from. The video of her singing Blink 182 with pastel pink hair in a mall pops into my nightmares every so often, and I cannot listen to most of her music without wanting to smash my head against the wall due to her voice. I honestly believe that she could have a good voice if she knew how to use it, instead, she just quivers her jaw about and whispers into the microphone which no one enjoys.

She’s unnecessarily mean/rude:

Sometimes it feels like every time I open twitter Miss Halsey has got herself cancelled again. From the resurfacing of old racist tweets to insulting the shit out of anyone who crosses her path on social media: Halsey can be truly awful to people. She’s defended homophobic remarks, unnecessarily made fun of people’s careers on multiple occasions, and refuses to see herself as a pop artist (assumingly because she sees this as beneath her) whilst releasing pop music. This is only a small selection of some of the unnecessary awful things Halsey has said and done on social media to seemingly get attention from the media. I can't stand behind anyone who feels the need to speak down to people and treat people like shit for being honest.

She’s an open book:

If I have any respect for Halsey, it’s in how open and vulnerable she is with her fans. To truly make it in the pop world today (especially as a woman), having a strong and loyal fanbase is extremely important: and Halsey has this behind her. Much like her ‘ranting about pop stars to make people hate me’ victim Demi Lovato, Halsey has built her career on being open with her fans. From having miscarriages to mental health issues, Halsey has never shied away from telling the truth to the media and her fanbase. This is something I have mad respect for as it shows a true appreciation of those who buy her music and care about her, which is something a lot of artists lack.

In general, I have no idea who Halsey is. Little people know her for her music but rather her moaning about hotel shampoo online (hotel shampoo is shit for everyone, you’re a famous pop artist bring your own shampoo). I wouldn’t say this is a shame, because if she would’ve refrained from insulting people then the girl could’ve been liked by people. This post wasn’t aimed to insult Halsey, instead, I’m simply stating the facts as to what an awful person she can be at times. However, she has built a very successful career despite the general public disliking her; which is mainly due to the loyal fanbase she has built. This makes me have a slight piece of respect for the girl as it is clear that she isn’t making music to be radio-friendly, but for herself and her fans: this doesn’t make it any good though.

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