Reviewing Future Nostalgia- Dua Lipa

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I am a closeted Dua Lipa stan. Like everyone else in 2017/18, New Rules and One Kiss were my jams, however, I also loved her debut album Dua. Tracks like Blow Your Mind (Mwah) and Hotter Than Hell used to get my little fresher self dancing at 2am! I was excited for her new album, Future Nostalgia, to be released. The singles were promising, the aesthetic was interesting, and it seemed as though she has worked on critiques she had previously received. 

This album is pop perfection, I have little to no critiques. From the cohesive sound to the constantly perfect visuals, Future Nostalgia is one of the best pop albums I’ve heard in a long time.

Getting the aesthetics and visuals of an era done correctly is extremely difficult, the only other artist who does such a good job at isolating eras is Taylor Swift. However, Dua Lipa is coming for her crown. The 80s/space vibe features in the album artwork, music videos, spotify visuals, and the sound. If I see anything from this era in the future I will know what era it came from, she honestly nailed it.

If you ever questioned whether or not Dua was the queen of pop, this will answer it for you. She owns dark dance pop, it’s her genre. Ariana has the R&B/pop belts, Selena has whisper pop, and Dua has dark dance pop. However, this time she’s added in an 80s flare, and it makes her sound even more unique.

If I were to critique the album in any way, I would mention that Boys Will Be Boys was a disappointing song. I expected the world, I mean Dua is the queen of putting men in their place, but it felt lackluster to me. The lyrics were boring and the pace was too slow. On the other hand, songs such as Hallucinate and Levitating are amongst the best in her discography.

Whether Dua decides to continue with the 80s influences in her music is uncertain, however, she seems to have figured out exactly how to use influences in her music whilst making it unique to her. This is a skill I can see her using and having success with throughout her entire career.

A perfect 8.5/10

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