Ranking Glee Characters

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Glee is THE best show to have ever been created. Game of Thrones? The Walking Dead? Sex Education? Nope, Glee wins all the awards. I am a massive musical lover, so having a show that mastered on screen musicals whilst providing constant storylines and drama? There’s no other option than to stan.

Throughout the show’s run many characters come in and out, leading to the question: what is the definitive ranking of Glee characters? Well here I am, doing all the work for you. Unfortunately I couldn’t rank every soul that set foot in McKinley High, coS I have sims to care for, so I stuck to a top 10.

Special shoutout to:

Jesse St. James

Bryan Ryan

Burt Hummel

#10 Mercedes Jones

An absolute icon. Vocals ? 10. Talent ? 10. Drive to succeed ? 10. She can do NO wrong. 

#9 Brittany Pierce

I love Brittany so much. No one could ever do Britney Spears better than her. A genius who never truly got the storylines she deserved!

#8 Becky Jackson

Becky is amongst THE funniest characters on the show. She has so much confidence and sass that it’s physically impossible not to love her. Lauren, who portrays Becky, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth yet portrays one of the funniest characters on the show. I love her so much. 

#7 Santana Lopez

The queen of honesty and character development. Not only are her vocals super unique but she’s just an all round icon. (Even if her cover of Don’t Rain On My Parade is shit)

#6 Kurt Hummel

Kurt has such an incredible story and character arch throughout the six seasons. From the emotional and vulnerable Kurt to the powerful vocalist and performer by the end, it’s heartwarming to see how he develops. Chris Colfer deserved his Emmy award with this 

#5 April Rhodes

I said what I said. I love Kristin Chenoweth in any of her roles, but April has to be one of my favourites. April is essentially the reason Glee exists: if she hadn’t had joined the Glee club then Will wouldn’t have, and so the New Directions wouldn’t have existed. The only thing missing with her character is the lack of duet with Shelby (Idina Mendel).

#4 Finn Hudson

Finn has his flaws, especially at the beginning of the show’s run, but he develops into such a kind-hearted and selfless man by season 5. He is truly the heart of the show and it was unable to carry on at the same capacity after Cory sadly passed away. 

#3 Rachel Berry

A lot of people dislike Rachel, but I am a massive fan. Not only is she the most talented singer/performer, Lea does an amazing job creating such a unique and versatile character that seems so realistic. Yes she’s annoying, but the character progression is perfect and by the end of the series she’s truly changed..

#2 Blaine Anderson

Despite his slight quarter-life crisis when he starts dating Karofsky, Blaine does it all. Vocals, dance moves, emotion, and fashion choices: Glee really picks up when Blaine joins the cast. I love u

#1 Sue Sylvester

The Queen herself deserves this spot. There’s not a second throughout the series where she is not owning the screen. The creator of tracksuits and cheerleading. Madonna would not exist without Sue.

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