Current Songs Glee Would Cover

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Everyday I think about how Glee would tackle modern songs. Glee has some fantastic covers of early 2010 hits, but how would they cope with recent jams? Well don’t look any further, I’ve figured it all out!

Hamilton- They would have a whole episode dedicated to Hamilton. Mr Schuester and a collection of male characters would rock My Shot, Rachel would perform a gut wrenching version of Burn, Kurt’s version of King George III’s outfit whilst belting You’ll Be Back would go down in Glee history, Santana would continue her reign as the sultry queen during Say No To This, and Mercedes would belt out the final verses of Satisfied. However, these are pretty obvious, I think they would throw out an unexpected selection of tracks our way such as an end of show finale performance of Yorktown and an emotional portrayal of Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story. If they were ever going to reboot Glee, this has to be top of the list.

Thank u, next- The Holy Trinity (Brittany, Santana, and Quinn) would sing this dramatically in a flashback to their cheerio slumber party days.

You Need To Calm Down- Kurt and Blaine would belt this out in a Pride flashmob at Lima mall.

You Matter To Me (Waitress)- This song screams Rachel/Jesse St. James vibes, specifically signing to each other in McKinley High’s kitchens whilst Rachel bakes cupcakes to sell for Mr Schue’s retirement fund.

New Rules- The girls of the New Directions would SLAY this tune tearing up the halls of McKinley. 

Finesse- You telling me that Mr Schue would not break dance to this number in the choir room?

Truth Hurts- some harmonised rapping would go down a treat here underneath some killer riffs from Mercedes.

Sucker- Boyband massive! Sam, Blaine, Kurt, Jake, Ryder, and Artie would all come together to show the JoBros how to SLAY some harmonies.

Senorita- Brittany and Santana, that’s all.

Without Me- Hear me out: Marley. This would be her sitting on a wrecking ball 2.0, except this time she would be dramatically crying in a bathtub or leaning against a wall with rain falling down.

Someone You Loved- A cheeky piano ballad from Blaine? Would be rude not to.

Bad Guy- This could be done two ways: 1. Tina Cohen Chang in her gothic phase, 2. A weird group number.

Old Town Road- A throwback choir room jam! Everyone’s up, everyone’s bopping, we’re switching to choreography in country outfits on the auditorium stage, it would be perfect.

In My Blood- Sam would show off some KILLER vocals with this. The world needs this asap.

Sorry Not Sorry- Mercedes and Santana duet!

God’s Plan- Artie rolling down the streets of NYC with chlamydia?

Better Now- Artie after getting rid of chlamydia?

Dear Evan Hansen- Blaine would take on Waving Through A Window, Marley or Tina would take on Requiem, a selection of the gents would give their whole comedic souls to Sincerely Me, and it would be disrespectful for Miss April Rhodes herself not to come back and belt out Good For You whilst she cries over her cheating husband

Into The Unknown (Frozen 2)- Rachel would gather up the disappointment she left after her lackluster Let It Go performance and show us what is UP with the vocals in this one. 

Don’t Call Me Up- Kitty would give such a sassy performance of this bop with the cheerios as her backing dancers, we can dream of how good this would be.

Sexy (Mean Girls)- I can already see Brittany in her mouse costume SLAYING this number, I will not rest until I witness this x

Solo- Holly Holiday would get the Glee kids up and bopping in the choir room with this number.

Lose You To Love Me- Another emotional Rachel ballad! This one would really get the tears going x 

I’m going to do this again because I enjoyed it so much. Glee needs a reboot.

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