My Mixed Feelings on Demi Lovato

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I don’t know how I feel about Demi Lovato. As a 9-year-old Camp Rock fan, I was never that into Demi, I was too busy planning my wedding to Joe Jonas. For me she’s always been there but never at the focus of pop culture. I was a fan of her 2014 album Demi, and this was probably the peak of her modern career, but it was forgotten about pretty quickly. I actually went to her Tell Me You Love Me tour in 2018, mainly because the tickets were £30, and it was pretty shit. 

I wouldn’t really class Demi as a main female pop act, despite her fellow ex-acts practically keeping the pop music industry afloat. Despite what she believes, she isn’t a classic diva like Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera either, she’s just another female singer who reappears every couple of years. In general, I have mixed feelings about Demi, I think she can be a bitch at times but is also extremely talented. Below are some thoughts I have on her as a public figure and her music:

She can be really rude

  • Quite honestly, I think Demi Lovato is rude. I don’t know if it’s a need to be mean or a need to be in the media, but she needs to stop criticising people publically. From constantly picking on Taylor Swift for being more famous than her, to referring to Mariah Carey as “nasty” and the trashy version of Ariana Grande, she has been unnecessarily rude to countless celebrities. She also took a free trip to Israel, just happened to ignore the situation in Palestine, and provided a lackluster apology which mainly centred around herself. There’s no reason for anyone to be mean online about celebrities, unless it's genuinely justified, I get the vibe that Demi feels like she has to be rude to be relevant.

Conflicting messages about body positivity

  • I love the body positivity movement, but not Demi’s version of it. In now deleted posts from her Instagram, she has been paid to promote weight loss detox teas. These detox teas are extremely dangerous as they can cause long-term damage to your organs and often contain natural ingredients which can cause you to poop way too often. Not only are they dangerous, but there is no proof that they actually work. It’s extremely contradictory for Demi to promote such items, as she seems to base most of her image around celebrating your body as it is: yet posts paid sponsorships which hurt your body to ‘lose weight’.

Some of her music is really bad

  • Most of her songs are really shit. There’s a couple of gems in her discography, but they are few and far between. Her album Confident is dare I say, awful, and deserved to flop. Her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me isn’t as bad as Confident, but there’s really only 2 listenable songs (You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore, Tell Me You Love Me) as the rest is generic pop which aged badly. Her 2014 album Demi aged so badly and is painful to listen to now. Compared to other ex-acts such as Miley and Selena, I don’t find Demi’s style of music as compelling or recognisable. Selena basically created the whisper-pop sound and Miley is constantly able to reinvent herself and still sound authentic, whereas Demi struggles between generic pop and pop-rock and somehow falls flat on both ends.

Some of her music is really good

  • It’s impossible to ignore her killer vocals. Her best songs are the piano ballads: Skyscraper, Sober, Nightingale, Anyone, and Stone Cold. These are raw and beautiful songs, it’s a shame that they get overshadowed by noisy pop-trash like Daddy Issues and Ruin the Friendship. In addition to this, her early pop-rock albums are so good! Bops such as Falling Over Me, Remember December, and Get Back are constantly on some of my favourite song playlists, this is the genre she excels at. Her 2015 hits Cool For the Summer and Confident (the single) received large amounts of critical acclaim due to the pop-rock sound, she really needs to stick to it.

She’s a strong woman

  • There’s no disagreeing with the fact that Demi is one strong woman! She has gone through SO much shit and I massively respect her ability to be open and vulnerable about her past and current struggles. Despite there being some critiques about how she treats her fans (she can be dismissive of them at times), she has a dedicated fanbase who use her as inspiration to be open about their problems: which is a beautiful concept for those involved. 

In general, Demi is forgettable. She has a large and dedicated fan base who seem to keep her ‘relevant’, but she’s not well liked by the general public. Her featured songs and older tracks are what are keeping her career alive, especially recently with the Jonas Brothers coming back together and TikTok constantly reminding us of Camp Rock. Just recently she released a new single titled I Love Me, which is a pop/R&B self love anthem which hasn’t received much attention. This is a shame, as this should be the music Demi is remembered for rather than forgettable summer pop hits. I hope she finds her sound soon and becomes more appealing to the general public before she gets thrown to the wasteside anymore than she already has.

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