My Highlights of Vienna

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Just last week two poor students went to Vienna, and it was pretty fantastic. There may have been a wheel, phone charger, and purse lost to the world along the way, but who needs important objects anyways? As well as our days in Vienna, we went on day trips to Graz, Brno, and Bratislava, all of which added (and took away, rip our lost items) to our trip in so many ways. Here are some of my highlights from Vienna, not sponsored!

Despite this being my third time in Vienna, it still feels like a beautiful new experience. Often described as being “too perfect”, Vienna’s endless pastel-coloured buildings around every corner, mixed with endless historical monuments lead to one of my favourite cities in the world. 

The Hopburn Palace (and the gardens surrounding) is definitely a highlight. This includes the Burggarten, Heldenplatz, and Volksgarten, the whole area is so beautifully kept and perfect for wandering aimlessly around. Going into the buildings can add up to relatively high ticket prices, so perhaps choose which one interests you the most. 

Reminding me of the Duomo di Milano, the St Stephen’s Cathedral is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna. From endless street acts and beautiful architecture, Stephansplatz is, of course, a major tourist hub and is extremely busy, yet the inside of the cathedral is calming and almost silent. It’s a much-wanted relaxation from the madness of the streets of Vienna and is worth a visit for anyone who just wants to sit and look at the incredible art on the walls (also there is no entry price, which is a dream come true).

The Schonbrunn Palace is a well worth 15-20 minute metro ride from central Vienna. Despite the ticket prices for entering the palace being relatively high (a common occurrence in the city), the gardens are completely free to walk around. You could spend hours viewing all of the incredible marble statues and flowers. We sat on a bench for almost half an hour, taking in all of the beauty. Of course, since it was January most of the plants were dead, I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in the summer.

The Museum of Natural History was the unexpected highlight of our time in Vienna. After wandering the cold streets for hours, we needed to go indoors. With a relatively small ticket price, I wasn’t expecting too much. Instead, we spent hours wandering the rooms of this incredible museum, truly putting the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh to shame. I usually get fed up of most museums (whoops), but I adored this one. If taxidermy animals aren’t your thing (it kind of creeped me out too), there are endless other rooms for you to visit. Not going to lie, my favourite was the moving dinosaur, it was very Night at the Museum.

If history isn’t your thing, there are many other wonderful museums for you to wander around. The Contraception and Abortion museum popped up in one of our Google searches and was (like everything in Vienna) only a short metro journey away. It essentially has nothing to do with Vienna but is extremely interesting and informative anyways. The audio guide provided was perfect to sit down and listen to whilst looking at the visuals on the wall. The museum is tiny, it’s only two rooms, but it is packed full of stories and thought-provoking ideas. 

On the other hand, the 3D PicArt museum is essentially 4 rooms of fun and laughter. Don’t get put off by the families and arguing children, I’ve genuinely never had so much fun in my life. It’s only round the corner from the Museum of Natural History and is a perfect juxtaposition to learning about history. However, the ticket price is pretty high for essentially posing next to a wall, a whopping 12 euros. Despite this, it’s worth going for the laughs you will have. 

If you haven’t already gathered by my gushing words, I love Vienna. If you avoid the tourist traps (aka ridiculous ticket prices), you can have a great time in the city without spending a fortune. Simply walking around the amazing streets and endless well-kept gardens are enough to keep you entertained throughout your days there.

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