Where is Fifth Harmony Now?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In 2020 endless pop girlies are trying to reach the top spot. In 2018 and the early part of 2019 it looked like pop music was dying and R&B/rap was taking over, flash forward a year and pop music is back on top. This means that as well as your classic pop girlies such as Ariana and Taylor still making waves, there’s a resurgence of new female pop artists such as Lizzo, Ava Max, Anne-Marie, and Dua Lipa taking over.

With Fifth Harmony officially calling it quits in early 2018 there is the possibility of 5 new female pop stars (including Camila) breaking into the charts. However, after almost 2 years of solo careers, only a couple of them have had mainstream success.


From being the stand-out singer of the group to having one of the biggest tracks of 2017 and 2019, Camila is one of the biggest pop artists in the world. Before she had even left the group; Camila had 2 hit singles under her belt, and her career blew up after she released Havana in 2017. Her recent album Romance, which was released at the tail end of 2019, didn’t seem to reach the heights of her original music, most of its sales are due to the success of Senorita with Shawn Mendes. This is mainly because Camila has been receiving a lot of hate recently: from creepy videos with her boyfriend Shawn to old racist tweets resurfacing, the girl had a lot of controversies which overshadowed the release of her singles and album. In addition to this, she is set to embark on a massive arena tour this year

I don’t think she will disappear any time soon, but I don’t think she is an integral part of pop music. If her career continues to decline at the rate it currently is she could be gone in 5 years. I think Camila has some good songs and some of her visuals are interesting, it’s just a shame that the person behind the songs has a racist past and is relatively unlikeable. She needs an era with continuously good songs to maintain her position as a top pop girlie.


Everybody thought Normani was going to be the next Beyonce after the group separated. She has the whole package: she’s gorgeous, a solid vocalist, an incredible dancer, and has amazing stage presence. However, it’s been almost 2 years since the group went on hiatus and she hasn’t done a lot. She released features with Khalid and Sam Smith, which were pretty big hits, and a solo track in August of last year which didn’t reach the heights of her features but was generally accepted as a bop. It’s almost as if she shows up, releases a hit, then disappears and we don’t hear from her for months.

She announced in September of last year that her debut album will be coming this year, and it needs to be big if she wants it to be successful. In my opinion, she should’ve released the album last summer after she dropped her first solo track Motivation as this song gathered a lot of attention. I hope Normani does well as she has the power be a major pop star but if she keeps going as she is I fear she will be forgotten before she truly arrives.


Lauren is in a very similar position as Normani. In the (almost) 2 years since the end of the group, she’s released a couple of features and 2 solo tracks. Her music didn’t gather the attention that Normani’s did, but her solo singles are good. Expectations dropped in October 2018, and More Than That followed soon after causing fans to assume an album was coming, yet nothing has been released. Like Normani, Lauren has stated that her debut solo album will be coming this year.

I like Lauren’s solo stuff, Expectations was one of my favourite songs of 2018 and More Than That of 2019. There’s something unique about Lauren, she’s unafraid to speak her mind and could capitalise off of her active position in politics and causes she’s passionate about. She could be a good role model for young people who want to support politically aware and active artists, yet we have no real idea of what her sound is. If she plays her cards right, Lauren could take over the R&B/alternative sound in 2020.


Out of all the girls who stayed around until the end, Dinah has probably released the most music. Her first single Bottled Up was the first single to be released by any of the girls after they separated and could’ve been a smash if it wasn’t a complete rip off of Fifth Harmony’s 2016 song Work from Home and any other pop/R&B song that has been on the radio in the last 5 years. Despite the lacklustre start, Dinah released her first EP in April of last year and has continuously been releasing solo music, which isn’t half bad, in preparation for an album set to come out this year. In addition to this, she’s been regularly on tour across the US over the last year and is touring Europe this summer.

Unfortunately, most of Dinah’s music hasn’t reached any of the major charts. In general, she’s pretty generic and forgettable. Outside of her dedicated fan base, I don’t see why anybody would go out of their way to support and listen to her music as it’s nothing unique. Dinah could be big if she fine-tuned her image, working on not needing such heavy backing vocals in her live performances, and put more of herself in her work.


I feel bad for Ally, she was never a fan favourite and her career is struggling. She’s focusing on singles which aren’t bad but seem like Shakira rejects and are getting little to no attention. She’s got the drive and vocals to be successful, but I don’t think she has the stage presence or dancing ability to be releasing pop music as she has been. Her releases have been pretty regular and seem to be popular within her fan base as she is planning to release her debut album this year too and is headed on tour next month.

Is there room for Ally in pop music? I honestly don’t know. If she focused more on Latin pop I think she could be successful under that genre and follow artist such as Becky G as it seems as though a lot of her fans and support are Spanish speakers. I don’t expect to see her music at the top of the charts anytime soon unless it’s a collab which is a real shame.

Most of the girls are planning to release solo albums this year which means that the charts could be bombarded with new female artists fighting for the top spot. If they all release albums, I’m going to assume that Normani and Lauren are going to come out on top unless we receive a shock banger from Dinah or Ally. As for Camila, I think she needs to seriously reconsider her image and should reassess her questionable past before she moves onto her third album.

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